When I was in high school, popularity wasn’t measured by number of clicks.

On any given Friday night, there was a good chance my friends and I would visit the video rental store. A quick glance at the “New Releases” section would tell us which movies were getting the most views: The shelves that should’ve been stocked with copies of the latest and greatest VHS tapes would be empty.

Times have changed but some things remain the same: There’s still power in numbers. Something that’s popular still meets the simple criteria of being liked, admired, or supported by many people.

The power of the click

Today, instead of leaving the house to rent a movie, borrow a library book, or buy a cassette tape, all we have to do is (literally) lift a finger and click to get our hands on the most popular content.

The Vanguard Blog is no different. Throughout 2017, our readers let us know which topics interested them the most. Here’s the countdown of our 5 top-viewed blog posts from last year:

5. Vanguard’s investment tips for 2017

These 4 tips were written to help you reach your goals in 2017, but they’re still relevant today.

4. How to put a dynamic retirement spending strategy in place

See an example of how a hypothetical retiree uses a dynamic spending strategy to calculate an annual spending amount during the first 3 years of retirement.

3. Planning to keep your 401(k)? Be careful when you reach RMD age.

You may think “IRA” when you hear “RMD.” But did you know 401(k)s are also subject to RMDs? And the rules are different.

2. Straight from Vanguard retirees: 6 retirement-planning tips

Hear what real investors have to say about what they would’ve done differently to prepare for retirement.

1. The coulda, shoulda, woulda behind every retirement story

This was our most popular blog post of 2017, and it’s great! But the comments from readers like you are what makes it worthy of the top spot on our list.


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