In case you missed them, we rounded up our five most-read blog posts from 2016. Surprisingly (or not), all of the posts that attracted the most readers were related to retirement.

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Thanks in advance for the inspiration, and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Starting the year off with suspense, our top 5 posts in descending order (cue the drum roll, please):

#5: Why do retirees maintain high equity allocations?
Retired…and still heavily invested in stocks? Maria Bruno provides insight using data from Vanguard’s IRA investors.

#4: Sustaining retirement income in a lower-return world
The retirement income puzzle is often about perspective. Read this blog before deciding if the glass is half-full or half-empty when it comes to low interest rates.

#3: Roth: The most versatile account in your portfolio
Retirement accounts are always off limits until you retire, right? The answer may surprise you.

#2: Weighing the risk of rising interest rates on retirees
A rising-interest-rate environment may not be the traumatic event for an investor’s portfolio that many investors seem to believe it is.

#1: Retirement: What’s your plan?
Your target number is a big part of the plan—but it’s not the only part.