We recently asked college students for their thoughts about retirement—when they want to retire, when they’ll start saving, and what they hope to do once they’re retired. Here’s what they told us.

I can definitely relate to these students. When I was in college, retirement wasn’t the first thing on my mind, either. (Of course, now that I work for a financial services company, I think about retirement more than most!) Understandably, most people at this stage of life are more concerned with paying off debt, dealing with rising grocery and gas prices, and saving for immediate purposes. It’s easy to put off thinking about retirement since it’s so far away. But like most of the students in the video, as I neared graduation, I knew that I wanted to retire at an age young enough to still have some fun—which meant I needed to start saving early.

I had a chance to sit in on an interview with Eric Tyson, author of Personal Finance in Your 20s for Dummies. Eric has a lot of good guidance on this topic, and he shared with us some great personal finance tips for young people, including the importance of saving early.

I also really like Eric’s advice to educate yourself when it comes to financial matters. Having a basic understanding of investing is key to making smart decisions. While it might feel overwhelming at first, it’s actually not difficult to understand the fundamentals. Spending a few minutes learning about the market, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and retirement accounts will go a long way in helping you prepare for your own financial future.

For those of you with more investment experience, what guidance do you have for these students?

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